Løkke is a necklace that holds your rings close and secure when you need to take your rings off but don’t want to lose or misplace them. The magnets allow for sturdiness and keeps the crossbar in place whilst making it an accessible and easy system for attaching rings on the go. When Løkke is not being used as a necklace and the user prefers to take it off, the chain can be rolled-up on the crossbar and attached to a bag or a belt. The necklace can be made out of recycled silver or brass, or 3D printed in various materials. It’s design allows for the magnets to be removed and the metals recycled after use.

Løkke can be bought in smooth plastic and with a sterling silver chain. The designer assembles the necklace and deliver it to whoever is purchasing. Only available for delivery in Europe and New York City area.

KATERINA NORDGAARD is a Product Design student at Parsons School of Design, focusing on furniture, jewelry, lighting and textile design. Originally from Norway and Peru, and having grown up in Europe, she pulls inspiration from multiple cultures and places. Katerina has always had a passion for fine arts and tends to integrate this into her projects as she looks for innovative ways in solving solutions.

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